The [Gri:n] Files #2
These notes are done to know better beautiful and innovative music from different and several countries.

Nick Lejejs  of «Upsilon Acrux»

Date of birth?
1/25/79 - I'm 22, currently.

Dana Point, CA, USA. 1 hour South of Los Angeles.

Your early influences in music?
As a child I was brought up on classical music primarily. I listened to the music I was learning to play (on piano). Later, when I began playing bass and drums in rock style bands, I was very much influenced by the likes of the Swans, Sonic Youth and industrial bands like Throbbing Gristle. This is what got the ball rolling for me towards more "avant garde" or experimental styles. Over the past several years I've been exploring more avant garde and progressive music, especially in the experimental vein. Bands like Magma, King Crimson, Henry Cow, Univers Zero, Heldon and Art Zoyd are big with me now. I guess these bands are the epitome of everything I've come to like about "outside" or "experimental" music.

Which instrument you are playing now?
I'm the synthesizer player in Upsilon Acrux. I'm best with keyed instruments as thats where I learned music. I enjoy electronic sounds, particularly those made with analog synthesizers of the 70's and 80's. You can make a synth sound like anything...and even make it sound like things you didn't think existed! The synthesizer is any instrument you want it to be.

Which are your favourite albums you like to listen again and again? Why?
Art Zoyd - "Generations Sans Futur". I like this album because its very dark and angular. Art Zoyd are masters of creating tension and gloom using polyrhythmic meters executed like machines. Virtuoistic and completely masterful.
Captain Beefheart - "Trout Mask Replica/Doc at the Radar Station". I really like Captain Beefheart because they're so bizarre and tweaked. Thats basically what Upsilon Acrux tries to accomplish with their music; to be as tweaked and bizarre as possible while maintaining a songlike structure and pattern.
Robert Fripp - "Let the Power Fall". I love Frippertronics. I find it to be one of the most unique and beautiful sounds ever created. Its the perfect blend between the synthetics/treatments of electronic music and the acoustics, touch and organic properties of rock guitar.
Coltrane - "Meditations". One of my favorite free jazz albums. Very emotional and genuine. I'm a big fan of John Coltrane's later works.

Please name 10 or more the best bands of the century?
King Crimson
Art Zoyd
Henry Cow
Frank Zappa and the Mothers
Univers Zero
Captain Beefheart
John Coltrane
The Muffins
Peter Brotzmann Sextet/Octet (Machine Gun/Nipples Era)

How you think, which are the most innovative bands now? Why you are thinking so?
Present (Belgium) - Amazing composition, rhythm and instrumentation. Its like a progressive big-band or orchestra.
Ruins (Japan) - Very zeuhl influenced. We too, like our Zeuhl.
Bablicon (USA) - Reminded me a lot of Faust, but an updated version. I really love their recordings.
King Crimson (UK) - They were innovative before and they still are for the same reasons!
Magma (France) - Same as KC. They've been at it for 30+ years and still kick ass!
Happy Family (Japan) - Insane musicians. Total virtuosos. Great song structure and one of the best rhythm sections in avant/prog music, period.
La Neura (Chile). I found these guys on and I think they're brilliant. Upsilon will tour with them one day.
Nels Cline/Destroy all Nels Cline (USA) - Experimental jazz guitarist and his ensemble. They make great jazz/rock/noise/experimental music of all sorts. Very dynamic.

Maybe you know bands in your region which are very innovative and original but are not well known?
Godzik Pink. Eric, UA's bass player, has been in this band for more than 6 years now. They're a great LA based band that doesn't get much recognition. Sound a little like Henry Cow but a less rock version. Aside from that, there aren't too many innovative or original bands in LA that aren't already well known. I know Djam Karet is from LA but they're very well known. I like them very much. Many independant bands in LA and San Diego seem to want to play indie pop/rock which bores me. The experimental/prog scene here is not large but there's a dedicated following.

A Possible Link To Klaus. What the style was for this trio?
APLTK was similar to Upsilon, but more stripped down. We were a drum, bass and synth trio and played instrumental music. We took a lot of influence from the Ruins (Japan) and Massacre (Fred Frith's no-wave trio of the early 80's) in the short song length and bombastic changes. It was really angular stuff with as many changes as we could fit into 60-90 seconds. All three members of APLTK decided to join Upsilon Acrux, so we've stopped writing as a trio and focus all of our efforts on UA. We have a full CD for sale directly from us. Go to A Possible Link To Klaus for songs and information on getting a CD.

This was your first band?
No, but this was my first band worth mentioning. I was a member of other psychadelic and noise rock groups in the past but APLTK was the first band we had any decent amount of success with. The other bands were short lived or didn't meet much popularity.

Are you involved in any other band, project?
Not really. I do solo synthesizer music when I have free time but I don't have much of that lately :) I really like Richard Pinhas and Heldon's work with analog sequencers, synths and guitar synths/processors. My solo material sounds a bit like some of the earlier Heldon albums (circa Heldon 6 - Interface).

How you can describe - the direction for Upsilon Acrux?
We're actively writing new material and playing shows all the time. We are really happy with our current lineup and will continue to work together. In July of 2001, we plan to record a CD with the 5 piece lineup and release it sometime in the Fall of 2001. In June of 2001 we're doing a 6 day tour of California. We're opening for Present on their US tour in LA on September 29th, 2001 and hopefully for the Muffins in July of 2001 as well. Our main focus is to get our music into the ears of willing listeners. To do that we need to record and perform publically. Thats our focus. (Aside from, of course, writing the most intense and frenetic music we can)!

Which musical style, direction, composer, band is important for you now?
Currently, I listen to a lot of Art Zoyd's music. They make beautiful polyrhythmic music with fantastic tension and stress. It is very moody and at times can even scare you because of how dark and psychotic it can be. They are important to me because they achieve, in the most graceful way, exactly what I'd like to achieve with my own musical ventures, especially Upsilon Acrux. UA is, of course, electrically based (elec. guitar and bass, synths, etc.) whereas AZ is more acoustic (with violins, horns and percussion) but the goals and feelings of AZ are what I keep in mind when writing music. Both Thierry Zaboitzeff and Gerard Hourbette are important composers to me. I also enjoy Stravinsky and Bartok as composers. If you were to classify the one kind of music I find the most important, I guess you'd call it RIO (Rock in Opposition). Its not really a musical style as much as it was a political movement, but I value the attitudes/humor and compositional style of many RIO bands such as Etron Fou Leloublan, Henry Cow and Art Zoyd.

Upsilon Acrux    Upsilon Acrux    Upsilon Acrux    Upsilon Acrux    KlausUnion

June 4th, 2001.

Paul Lai  of «Upsilon Acrux»

Date of birth?

Vista, CA but born in Taichun, Taiwan.

Your early influences in music?
Alternative muzak.

Which instrument you are playing?
Guitar, because it's the instrument that I was interested in.

Which guitar players are interesting for you? Their style, sound?
Derek Bailey for unmatched originality and absolute uniqueness, Nels Cline for intensity, Robert Fripp for discipline and obviously originality and for creating a whole genre of music, Bill Orcutt of Harry Pussy for supreme ass kicking and totally insane harmony. These are more or less my favorites.

Which are your favourite albums?
"A Love Supreme" by the Coltrane Quartet, because it's one of the first jazz lp's that I bought and I find joy in it everytime I listen to it. "Change of the century" by Ornette Coleman, again probably the first free jazz lp I bought and it has made it's mark by imprinting every note in my memory. It's probably the only lp which I can hum along w/ every solo. Completely changed the way I viewed music and scales.

Please name 10 or more the best bands of the century?
King Crimson
the Nels Cline Trio
the Peter Brotzmann Octet
Ornette Coleman Quartet
Coltrane Quartet
Henry Cow
Harry Pussy

From which city is Harry Pussy?
Harry Pussy is from Florida, a short lived trio that just destroys whenever they played.

Maybe Takemura is the same Nobukazu Takemura?
Takemura is from Japan and is obviously Nobukazu Takemura but I could never remember how to spell his first name so I just use Takemura.

I have a CD "Funfair" on Bubble Core by Child's View (Nobukaza Takemura). Sometimes similar to The Third Eye Foundation. Both are brilliant innovators.
Never heard of "Funfair", Child's View is cool though, but the stuff I'm really thrilled about is the lp "Scope", check that one out and you'll be surprised it's the same guy. Seriously groundbreaking stuff.

Have you ever heard music by Sigur Rós, Mogwai or Godspeed You Black Emperor!?
Not heard Sigur Rós, saw both of the other bands play live, Godspeed is incredable while I thought the Mogwai was not.

How you think, which are the most innovative bands now?
I think the greatest NEW music being made now is by Takemura, he's the only person I can think of that's redefined everything about music that's important to me, which is melody, rhythm, sound and structure. Yes in that order.

Maybe you know bands in your region which are very innovative and original but are not well known?
There are none in this area whatsoever!! Noone around here cares about anything other than their hair and how much they look like either lou reed or sid vicous.

A Possible Link To Klaus. What the style was for this trio?
Math and space in an angry flight to telephone funkville. Easily the best band to ever live within shouting distance. I was so impressed, they eventually joined our little band.

This was your first band?
Actually 4th band, but the first to do anything remotely public or have anything out.

Are you involved in any other band, project?
Yes my soon to be solo guitar project called "guitortionist a delayed rock revival".

How you can describe - the direction for Upsilon Acrux?
Quite simple, forward. We will continue making things difficult for ourselves, challenging ourselves to be more refined and closer to being completely singular w/ no visible influence.

Which musical style, direction, composer, band is important for you now?
Is brainiac a musical style, all I'm looking to do is rock in an intelligent way, I enjoy music that makes you think, songs that buggle the mind, and I'm not talking about riddles or politically based rapping, just plain old music will do. I love Takemura but it's doubtfull that we'll sound like a laptop computer anytime soon. My goals have always been the same, refine what I've heard and make it my own, and the most important thing is NO BLUES EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Upsilon Acrux    Upsilon Acrux    Upsilon Acrux    Upsilon Acrux    KlausUnion

June 18th, 2001.

Ross Saunders  of «Goldroom»

Your date of birth?

Kingston, UK.

Your early influences in music?
The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Beatles

Which instrument you are playing?

Which guitar players are your favourite?
Mogwai, Godspeed You Black Emperor!, Mick Turner, Hendrix, Kurt Cobain.

Which are your favourite albums you like to listen again and again?
All Mogwai albums.

Please name 10 or more the best bands of the century?
Godspeed You Black Emperor!
The Doors
The Beatles
Jimi Hendrix
The Rolling Stones
The Who

How you think, which are the most innovative bands now?
Mogwai, Godspeed You Black Emperor!, Radiohead, Fridge, Four Tet, The Beta Band.

Maybe you know bands in your region which are very innovative and original but are not well known?
Lounge Fly.

Lounge Fly. What kind of music they are performing?
Lounge Fly are a psychedelic post rock band, the singer sounds a bit like Bowie.

Are you involved in any other band, project?

How important is Post-Rock movement for you?
Best music around.

What is your opinion about Radiohead's "Kida A" and "Amnesiac", Mogwai's "Rock Action"?
"Kid A" and "Amnesiac" should of been one double album, "Rock action" is their best so far.

Which musical style, direction, composer, band is important for you now?
Mogwai etc.


June 8th, 2001.

Koldo Tos  of «Felpudo Tos»

Your date of birth?

Valencia, Spain.

Your early influences in music?
In the begining there was Kill´em all (remember i´m 31).

Which instrument you are playing?
The guitar was a phallus bigger than mine.

Which are your favourite albums you like to listen again and again? Why?
"Spiderland" by Slint is a hole direct to the best feelings i have as human being, "Rusty" by Rodan loves my brain, "Sto cazzo" by Sweep The Leg Johnny is my hungry image in a broken mirror, I don´t understand but like "Very soon & in pleasant company" and "save everything", "Four great points" and "Anahata" by June Of 44 are my best cold summer, "Saetia" by Saetia is me out of my mother, "Scratch or stitch" by Melt Banana, "Fantomas amenaza al mundo" by Fantomas, "Disco Volante" by Mr. Bungle and "We are the romans" by Botch have no remorse.....

Please name 10 or more the best bands of the century?
That is a very difficult question... Maybe adding more zeros...

How you think, which are the most innovative bands now?
Felpudo Tos, obviosly. From the first album to the second, Felpudo Tos get the worst of Melt Banana and the worst of Shipping News - Truman´s Water cocktail.

Maybe you know bands in your region which are very innovative and original but are not well known?
Maybe not so much. I´m in spain, dude! OK, maybe Lola Punales (you really should listem to them).

Are you involved in any other band, project?

How important is Post-Rock movement for you?
Probably, the last real try to do real music.

Which musical style, direction, composer, band is important for you now?
Patton is squezzzing the begining of the millenium in the right way.

Felpudo Tos

June 8th, 2001.


Date of birth?
In 1991 Fivi, Andi, Sury, Fliri and Tinu decided to found a band, the only one who had some musical experience was Tinu, he just knew some chords on the guitar. In the following years we had some changings in the band. Later in 1997 Juedu and Jonas joint with us, three years after Odile came to the band. That's the composition we are playing now: Fivi (1974), Andi (1977), Sury (1971), Juedu (1978), Jonas (1977), Odile (1980).

Our hometown is Biel/Bienne (Switzerland) near Bern, a town with 50`000 people and a little musicscene.

Your early influences in music?
When we were young (in a way we are still young) we have heard from Heavy Metal (Krokus, Kiss...) over Hardrock (Led Zeppelin, AC/DC...) to Pop/Rock (Beatles, ABBA, Queen, Peter Schilling, Nena...) everything.

Which instruments you are playing?
Fivi - guitar, Roland SH-2000, Bontempi Hit Organ, Casio
Sury - bass, xylophon
Andi - drums, percussion
Juedu - Ace-Tone Organ, Fender Rhodes, Roland SH-2000, samples
Jonas - guitar

Your fafourite albums?
Motorpsycho (Timothy`s Monster, Blissard, Angels And Daemons At Play...), Pink Floyd (Ummagumma, Atom Heart Mother, A Saucerful Of Secrets, ... a lot of their albums are great!), Sonic Youth (...a lot of their albums are great!), Jimi Hendrix (Electric Lady Land), Beatles (Revolver, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band...), Can (Future Days, Monster Movie...), Velvet Underground (... a lot of their albums are great!), HGH (Pignoise), Do Make Say Think (goodby enemy airship the landlord is dead, besides), deus (in a bar, unter the sea), Quickspace (the death of quickspace), Soulwax (much against everyone's advice), The Collectors (what Love), Godspeed You Black Emperor! (lift your skinny fists like antennas to heaven!)...

Please name 10 or more the best bands of the century?
It`s very difficult to say which are really the favourite bands, it depends in which mood we are in.
Sonic Youth
Pink Floyd
Neil Young
Grateful Dead
The Collectors
Add N to X
Sigur Rós...

Your opinion, which are the most innovative bands now?
Do Make Say Think , Sonic Youth, Motorpsycho, Low, Björk, Radiohead, The Sea and Cake...

Do you know bands in your region which are very innovative and original but are not well known?
Young Gods (Elektro), Leech (Postrock), Mich Gerber (Ambient), Strom (Elektro), Man from Spectre (Surf'60'Beat), Reverend Beat Man (Garage'n Roll), Lou Höfner Trio (Elektro), Titty Twisters (Surf'n Garage).

Are you involved in any other band, project?
For the moment we don`t have enough time to start other projects and we are also very pleased with the band we have. We try to put all our creativity and feelings in the same creator to see what happens when it will explose.

Which musical style, direction, composer, band is important for you now?
How you can recognize above - it's the psychedelic rockmusic from the 60's and 70's. Usually we don`t speak about a style of the music, it's always very difficult to classify music.

Some words about your new album?
In these days we are finishing our new CD/Promotape which hasn't a name yet. There will be a new recording of "Smale Stone" (It's one of the oldest songs, but it lives with the band) and 2 other new songs. One is more "Easy Listening", the other one leads you through the universe and different kind of feelings. For the moment we keep on recording all songs in our little selfmade-studio, with our handsome 4-track-tape recorder. It's not hifi quality, but we think it's better this way.

Ad` Absurdum

June 9th, 2001.

Mark Beazley  of «Rothko»

Your date of birth?
26th november 1963.

hatfield in hertfordshire, a hatefull little town that i couldn't wait to escape from..

Your early influences in music?
joy division, cabaret voltaire, burning spear, toots and the maytals, eyeless in gaza.

Which instrument you are playing?
the bass guitar. i haven't even thought of playing anything else. the bass has so many tones and shades to explore, so many more than it is usually used for. trying to explore what bass can do in an ordinary band line-up can be very difficult, so i chose to try and make music consisting more or less purely of the bass, like eberhard weber, or mick karn perhaps. and the true beauty of the bass is that it there is always another way to play it, other shapes that it throws up every so often that take me by surprise. i love playing bass guitar. it takes up most of my life.

Mick Karn is the bass player #1 for me. Fantastic sound, more interesting than Tony Levin or Trey Gunn have done for King Crimson.
i totally agree, he is a far more interesting player.

One of my favourite albums by Mick Karn is "Polytown" (David Torn, Mick Karn, Terry Bozzio) on CMP.
i never heard that one, sorry, i actually read about it, apparently terry bozzio gave mick a hard time because of his lack of musical training!!!

Have you heard Durutti Column, Terje Rypdal, the guitar player from Norway on German ECM Records, or Bark Psychosis? I heard some similarities, but the main with Bark Psychosis, one of the most innovating bands of the 90's in the UK.
i love DC! vini reilly has been one of my favourite musicians for a long long time. my favourite DC record is 'Without Mercy', one of the best records ever made i think. i haven't heard of the guy on ECM but i know BS, actually saw them a few times many years ago,and recently met mark simnett and graham sutton, nice guys.

How many bass guitars Rotho are using?
three when we play live and on some recordings, but the bulk of the recordings are mainly just myself or me and crawford, so the notion of "the bass trio" only applies every so often in regards to recordings.

Why more than one?
it just seems to work. i'd had enough of playing in bands with the drummer destroying my hearing, the guitarist asking me to turn down and the singer wanting their ego being attended to every second, so i wanted to do something of my own that wouldn't damage my hearing and would mean being able to have some freedom in the music.

Are all music written on a paper?
no, i write just by continually playing, see what appears under my hands and then take it to jon meade and crawford blair and we work out the arrangements in rehearsals.

Are you improvising playing live or not?
we do make stuff up, but i wouldn't call it improvising, as it usually is just noise with no structure, but a lot of our tunes are open ended, and we play them differently each time. it keeps it interesting.

Which are your favourite albums you like to listen again and again?
i'm sorry, there aren't any records that affect me that way.

Please name 10 or more the best bands of the century?
if i have to choose...
joy division
marvin gaye
public image ltd (just for Metal Box only)
miles davis
the velvet underground
blind willie johnson
ry cooder
bill evans
gary peacock

How you think, which are the most innovative bands now?
radiohead are possibly the only group in the mainstream in a position to influence a great number of future music makers in a positive way. it's quite rare for a band to not only talk about change, but to actually embrace it. i think they are should be highly praised. and everything else is just rubbish American "new metal". i'm not sure if there are any bands who could be termed "innovative" anywhere. there are people like Janek Schaefer who actually makes (he actualy constructs things) new ways of producing sound, and he's doing it in a very full genre, so i would say that he stands out from the crowd. but as for bands.... other than The Monsoon Bassoon, i'm sorry, there aren't any i can think of. i'm sure i'm wrong, i hope i'm wrong.

Your opinion, which is the most influential band in your country in the Post-Rock/Experimental or Avant- Rock direction?
i have absolutely no idea, as i said, i would hope that no-one is influenced by the current bands in the UK. i would hope that people find their own way. but if i was to take a wild guess, i suppose, it would be The Mogwai.

Maybe you know bands in your region which are very innovative and original but are not well known?
there is only one truly unique band i've heard and seen in the last 5 years, and that is The Monsoon Bassoon. they are the best band i have ever seen in my life. they released an album, "i dig your voodoo" a couple of years ago, and released a few singles on their own "Weird Neighbourhood" label, most of which have been singles of the week in the NME. if there was natural justice, they would be massively successful. no-one can put them in any scene, they are totally out on their own. they are brilliant.

How important is Post-Rock movement for you?
not in any way what so ever. Post Rock is a joke, all scenes are a joke, made up by people not making music which ends up with people making music to fit a scene. i can't believe it. anyone that wants to be a part of the so called "Post Rock" scene must be very stupid indeed. what is post rock anyway??? Danny Thompson said "all music is folk music" i totally agree with him.

Which musical style, direction, composer, band is important for you now?
i absolutely love Susumo Yokota's stuff, i only discovered his work in the last year, but i love the way he can link so many different emotions in his music, he's able to take you on a journey and he somehow makes it all make sense, and that is a very hard thing to do with music. i love his stuff very much indeed.

Are you involved in the any other band, project?
no, Rothko takes up every second of my time. i would be cheating if i devoted my time to anything esle.

"no anchor no rudder no chart no sails" by Rothko. Historical recordings or something else?
yes, historical definitely. the record draws from tracks from differently recorded sources, but i think they fit together really well. a lot of the tracks are under 2 minutes long, and there are short linking tracks that help to fit the whole thing together. i'm really pleased with it as a collection of tracks. even more so than "a negative for francis", the first rothko album.

How Rothko appeared on the Burning Shed label? Maybe you have played with No-Man?
we toured with Porcupine Tree in February, and had such an amazing time, they were truly great guys, and Tim Bowness of course records with Steven Wilson, and he saw us play in Norwich on the tour. i was absolutely delighted when he asked us to contribute something to Burning Shed, and i'm very happy that it was not just some throw-away tracks, but a proper Rothko album. Tim very kindly sent me the current No Man album, which i really like a lot. i'm very grateful to him for letting us be part of such a great idea.

"In The Pulse Of An Artery" is an EP? How many tracks are on this album.
just 7, as it's part of Bella Union's "7 series" set of releases, the first being Gwei-Lo and ours and Bonnevil's the second and third. Departure Lounge will be the 4th. 3 more releases are planned.

Have you plans for the next records or album?
the next album is a live one, on Lo Recordings titled "not gone. not forgotten." with nearly all the tracks unreleased, and i'm currently recording tracks for the next rothko album titled "a continual search for origins" after a documentary i saw on a group of native american indians and their annual pilgrimage to search for the peyote cactus.

Rothko    Rothko
Bella Union (just released our mini-album - "in the pulse of an artery")    Burning Shed
(K-RAA-K)3 (belgian label who released our "Storm Cycle" ep)    Zealrecords
Music Fellowship

June 25th, 28th, 2001.

Mark Halloran  of «Meanwhile, Back In Communist Russia...»

Your date of birth?


Your early influences in music?

Which instrument you are playing?
Guitar/Drum Machine/Effects (lots of delay) - I learnt guitar when I was 6 years old 'cause my dad wanted my to play it. I guess I kind of enjoyed it. And now I've spent the last 5 years trying to unlearn everything I learnt before.

Why you have called so strange your band: Meanwhile, Back In Communist Russia...? To be original?
Errr.... There should be a really interesting story but there isn't really. We just kind of accidentally came up with it and it sounded interesting. It kind of fits with other bands like godspead you black emporer! and ...and you will know us by the trail of dead.

Have you ever been in Russia or maybe you have any russian musician in the band?
No. Sorry. I might be a Communist though. Maybe.

Please name the members of your band?
Mark Halloran (me), Emily Gray, Timothy Croston, James Matthews, Oliver Clueit, and Peter Williams.

How many records MBICR have recorded?
A single (No Cigar/Morning After pill) is available now, and an album should be out in October.

Please describe your musical style?
Avant Glitter-Art Post-Punk.

Which are your favourite albums you like to listen again and again? Why?
Spiritualized - Ladies and Gentlemen we are Floating in Space. Very varied and emotionally moving album varies from 5 minutes of white noise to beautifully clean blues/jazz and everything inbetween. Radiohead - Everything from The Bends onwards. Got to be one of the most talented bands around - again powerful and moving. Everything that music ought to be. Philip Glass - Music in Twelve Parts. Amazingly talented minimalist composer has produced some very middle of the road symphonies but this 4 hour long piece is completely involving even though it does almost nothing and sounds hideous.

Please name 10 or more best bands of the century?
Sonic Youth
Joy Division
Miles Davis
Spiritualized/Spacemen 3
La Bradford
Sonic Youth...

How you think, which are the most innovative bands now?
Dance bands like Autechre and trip hop bands like Massive Attack are the way forward I think... Post Rock is becoming grown up now and even Mogwai have started to write songs with samplers.

Which is the most influential band in your country?
Mogwai - undoubtably.

Maybe you know bands in your region which are very innovative and original but are not well known?
The Klyvz

What kind of music they are playing?
Post rock drum and bass.

Have they any record release?
No, and I think they may split up - sadly.

Are you involved in the any other band, project?
I was and we were called Strike First! Strike Hard! No Mercy, Sir! - but we never practised and we quite shambolic (in a good way I like to think...).

Strike First! Strike Hard! No Mercy, Sir! - is this the title for one band?
Errr... yes. I approve of strange names. Its from some film apparently...

What the style for this band?
Post rock - avant gard noise stuff. Lots of delay pedals. We're not that energetic though.

When it was?
2/3 months ago...

Have you recorded anything?
No. We are too busy with our other bands (Meanwhile, back in Communist Russia... and The Klyvz).

Have this band a website?

How important is Post-Rock movement for you?
Very. Most of my favourite bands are post-rock in some way...

Have you heard any interesting new album or gig during this month?
I saw sigur rós a couple of weeks ago who were fantastic. I think the new stuff may be better then the last album which can only be a good thing. I haven't bought any new ablums for about a month, but I'm looking forward to the beta bands new album which might be good. I bought the do make say think album a little over a month ago which is sublime in a godspeed meet mogwai kind of way... I'd love to hear the new björk album since I think shes one of the most talented solo musicians around. I'm sure I'll hear it soon.

You have done a session for the BBC. How it happens?
We got approached by the producer of John Peels show on Radio 1, who gave us a provisional date which we didn't turn down. Then we turned up at Maida Vale (the BBCs recording studios) which is an incredible place, kind of a victorian warehouse full of 100s of tunnel like passages and about 7 huge studios. We recorded in studio 4 (studio one is used by the BBCV symphony orchestra and is basically an underground concert hall).

When it was done and how many tracks you have recorded?
It was done at the end of June 2001 and we recorded five tracks in a day including mixing down. The engineer and producer were fantastic and we recorded most of the tracks live.

Please name these tracks.
Blind spot/invisible bend, Ode, Sacred Mountain, Delay/decay/attack, Acid Drops.

What was the response after this session?
Amazing. We've had so many offers of gigs, e-mails from fans saying how they liked it and lots of people from other countries even heard it and got in contact. Absolutely fantastic reception. John Peel even liked it and is apparently looking forward to hearing the album!

Any future plans?
Play a few gigs to promote the album, write some more songs, set up a decent web site MBICR!, and record another album...

On which record label will be the debut album?
The new album is released by "Jitter Records" who are the same as "Tinfoil" who released the single but they had to change their name since someone else already had it apparently. It will be distributed by "Prime" in the UK and hopefully we are sorting out european wide distribution. Otherwise the album should be available over the internet through Oxford Music

Which musical style, direction, composer, band is important for you now?
Contemporary Classical music is playing a large role in my music listening at the moment. Stockhausen is a genious undoubtably. Last thing he wrote involved a string quartet being place in helicopters and playing a 30 minute piece in time with the rotar blades.

Meanwhile, Back In Communist Russia...    Meanwhile, Back In Communist Russia...
Meanwhile, Back In Communist Russia...    Meanwhile, Back In Communist Russia...

June 28th, 29th; July 18th, 19th, 2001.

Robin Saville and Antony Ryan  of «Isan»

Your date of birth?
  robin: 12/05/1968.
antony: 08/04/1970.

robin: Southend on Sea, Essex, UK.
antony: home is lichfield, staffordshire, UK , i live in woodley, berkshire, UK.

Your early influences in music?
robin: eno, human league, electric light orchestra
antony: jean michel jarre, gary numan, depeche mode.

Why you chose the keyboards? Am I correct?
robin: i chose keyboard by default as i was given one by a friend. also later experience has taught me that i can't actually play anything else anyway.
antony: they were easier to build out of lego blocks than a guitar.

Integrated Services Analogue Network (ISAN) is the full name of your band. Because you are using analog synthesizers? Which?
robin: yes. yamaha cs5, korg ms10, roland rs09, korg mini 700, daviolisint.
antony: yamaha cs5, atc-1, korg poly800, bass station.

Which are your favourite albums you like to listen again and to feel that music? Why?
robin: eno - "another green world"; weschel garland - (s/t); belle & sebastian - "if you're feeling sinister"; boards of canada - "music has the right to children"; björk - all albums.
antony: cocteau twins - anything - because i feel young, but not a child, again.

Please name 10 or more the best bands of the century?
brian eno
the smiths
human league
cocteau twins
human league
my bloody valentine

Which are the most innovative bands now?
robin: i don't necessarily seek out music simply for its innovative qualities, innovation for its own sake is largely pointless, so i would have to refer to previous answers for listening choices.
antony: autechre are the only innovative band in the world.

Which is the most influential band in the UK for you?
robin: most influential on us or most influential generally? on us i would have to say we try not to take direct influence from anyone, generally perhaps radiohead.
antony: influential on me - my bloody valentine; influential on the country - i think robin is close to the truth.

Maybe you know bands in Leicester which are very innovative and original but are not well known?
robin: neither of us lives in leicester, so the answer to that would be no. in southend on sea i know of no innovative or original bands.
antony: see previous answer re. autechre. they are not from leicester either.

Are you involved in the any other band, project?
robin: band spoon (currently in development stage).
antony: band spoon with robin.

Is "Lucky Cat" the second album on Morr Music after "Salamander" in 1999 and "Salle d'Isan" EP in April, 2001?
robin: yes.
antony: correct, 10 out of 10.

You are signed with German label because your musical direction is close to Krautrock?
robin: i don't think our musical direction is close to krautrock, and that is not why we are signed to a german label. we are signed to morr music because it is a superb label.
antony: and because thomas morr is the nicest person who could run a label.

Have you played live in Germany?
robin: no, nor anywhere else.
antony: not strictly true, we were recorded playing live for two engineers in the BBC Maida Vale for our Peel Session.

On June 8th I heard a track "Days & Later", from your EP, on the VPRO/De Avonden's radio show "Night Train". Have you recored this for VPRO in session?
robin: no.
antony: robin speaks the truth.

Which musical style, direction, composer, band is important for you now?
robin: see above answers regarding influences. barbara morgenstern's pretty good though.
toe: as of today (friday 29 June 2001) robert lippok's track "close".

Isan    Morr Music

June 30th, 2001.

Konstantin Bazeyev  of «Gattaca»

Your date of birth?

Izhevsk, Udmurtia, Russia.

Your early influences in music?
Doors, Aquarium.

Which instrument you are playing?
Guitar. Because it's the most accessable one.

Which are your favourite albums you like to listen again and again?
"Virgin Suicides" and "10 000 Hz legend" by Air. "Temptation and you" by Bad Examples. "Post" by Björk.

Please name 10 or more the best bands of the century?
Nick Cave
Brian Eno
Aphex Twin
Gentle People

Which are the most innovative bands now?
Tortoise, Air, Calexico.

Your opinion, which is the most influential band in Russia in the Post-Rock/Experimental or Avant-Rock direction?
Tequillajazzz, Aquarium.

Maybe you know bands in your region which are very innovative and original but are not well known?
Yucca, Manhattan hands, Birdwood.

Are you involved in the any other band, project?
Yes. LOGGERHEAD (the site is under construction).

How important is Post-Rock movement for you?
Extremely important as on of few truly innovative genres.

Which musical style, direction, composer, band is important for you now?
Post-rock, IDM, sad core, indie pop.

Gattaca    Morzefish

June 29th, 2001.

Graham Sutton  of «Bark Psychosis» and «Boymerang»

Your date of birth?

London (Hackney), UK.

Your early influences in music?
A knackered BASF chrome cassete of "Sgt Pepper" played through one of those mono players you got in the 70s with the big metal buttons and built in speaker - the kind that ended up getting pressganged into loading up "Horace Goes Skiing" in the early '80s. I used to listen to that day in, day out (along with a vinyl copy of "Rubber Soul") when I was about 4. I just to keep flipping the tape over and fall asleep with my ear on the speaker. Stravinsky's "Fire Bird Suite (Demon King)" used to give me appalling nightmares as a kid too. The cover had this really disturbing looking guy with immensely long nails. I liked the feeling of being scared tho.

Which are your favourite albums? Why?
Miles Davis - "In a silent way": sense of space, fantastic repetition and some of the most beautiful/spastic guitar playing. The Fall - "Hex Enduction Hour": best garage production ever. I'm a sucker for repetition and 2 drummer lineups. Talk Talk - "Laughing Stock": a real education in aural perception. Scott Walker - "Scott4": sad, camp and groovy Plastikman - "Consumed": once again, space/repetition/minimalism. Insides - "Sweet Tip"/"Euphoria": hugely underrated/overlooked. Kirsty Yates has got such a gorgeous voice. John Adams - "Eldorado": just sublime. Cal Tjader "The Prophet": beautiful arrangements. I love the vibraphone sooo much. Suicide "1st album": I can listen to this year after year and never get tired of it. A favourite to drive to.

Please name 10 bands of the century?
Its not a horse race!

Your opinion about Mogwai, Godspeed You Black Emperor!, A Silver Mt. Zion or Sigur Rós who all are using strings?
Don't really have an opinion. The little I've heard of Mogwai reminds me of BP in 1989.

Radiohead have made a big jump as Talk Talk, making very different their last 2 albums. Both were/are on the major labels. How you can describe what have done Talk Talk and Radiohead for the mainstream music?
Nothing much really. Interestingly enough, both are on the "same" label (Parlophone), however, Talk Talk were given a very hard time for "Spirit Of Eden" on delivery - basically they weren't gonna release it. And now they hold it up as an "EMI Classic". Ain't it always the way? I don't think of the Radiohead stuff as at all groundbreaking - all I hear is one-dimensional processing and some sort of sullen attitude. Yawn. In my mind TT had a very serious commitment and belief behind it (which the music just oozes) whereas the RH stuff just sounds kinda lazy. As for how it affects "mainstream" music? I think "mainstream" music wil carry on very happily regardless. Its not something I really have an opinion about.

Have you ever heard Hood? They are going into the steps of Bark Psychosis. In their interviews you can read that BP is their influence.
Yeah I've heard some Hood. They sent me some stuff becuase they wanted me to record and produce them. At the time I was still heavily snowed under with the next album, so I didn't have the time. But now I've basically finished maybe we can sort something out.

If Bark Psychosis would be active now will your band be so popular as Sigur Rós or Mogwai?
Hehe! Not something I can even get my head around. I've just got to do what I've got to do. And who says that BP are no longer active.... ;-)

Are you proud of what Bark Psychosis have done? Album "Hex"(1994), compilations: "Independency"(1994) and "Game Over"(1997)?
I still feel very proud of "Hex". I have great memories of working on it, even if I did do everyone's head in! "Scum" and "Blue" still stands up as well, I think. "Game Over" I argued strongly against. It seemed like a crappy release.

How was composed and recorded the "Scum"? At first written on a paper or recorded live?
"Scum" came about because we used to try and challenge ourselves. With "Scum" it was a thing of "right, we'll hire some gear to setup our own mobile studio in this church, give ourselves 10 days, and write and record the next single". The main bulk of the track was laid down in one take off the top of our heads.

Have BP played this track live?
Sure, we ended up playing "Scum" live.

If the same music you will be recording in these days, the arrangements and the sound will be the same or more noisy and aggressive?
You'll just have to wait and see won't you.. ;-)

Why broke Bark Psychosis? What was the reason?
"Hex" basically. I know I can be "difficult" to work with; I get very opinionated - and I'll fight tooth and nail for what I believe in. John had a problem with that and chose to leave. Dan had already been kicked out at that point, and then came back temporarily. By the end it was just me with Mark drumming and a nice pool of different people to draw upon. The last couple of tours we did in '94 I just loved. But by that point I knew I wanted to try something else.

Daniel is still in a dance music. Maybe you know what Mark Simnett and John Ling are doing at present?
Mark's playing in a band called Yellow6 or something. No idea what they're like! No idea what John or Dan are up to.

Any plans to play a gig together as Bark Psychosis or to make a record? I anticipate, you will say: no...
Hehe. Ok. The new BP album "DustSucker" is ready to roll out! Have got some problems with the record company (would you believe it? Its those "Parlophone" people again!) to resolve, but hopefully before the end of the year. I really think its the best record I've ever worked on - I'm so happy with it, and can't wait to get it out. Took a while coming, (been working on it for the last couple of years) but you can't rush these things. I'd like to take it out live, but will have to see if it would be possible to do it. The main thing is getting all the musicians together as they're so busy. Lee Harris drummed and percussed this time around. Pete Beresford played vibes again. There are a couple of vocalists including myself. Pretty "live" sounding. I'm also putting together a live CD for "3rd Stone".

Sound producing is by you?
Yeah I produced and engineered the new album at my studio here in sunny Hackney, East London! I can't imagine anyone telling me what to do (though I'd like to see them try!)

But, how I understand, you have not asked any of ex-Bark's members to take participation for this record?
By the time BP was put on ice it was just me anyway, so I'm just picking up from where I left off. But "DustSucker" features players who I've been involved with before on BP, e.g Lee Harris, Pete Beresford, etc. Pete Beresford played Vibes on "Hex", Lee helped out on that album, plus I've worked with him on his own 'O'rang stuff and the Boymerang material.

Was it difficult to make a record deal with "Parlophone"?
I've already worked with "Parlophone" on the Boymerang material. Don't know exact details of release yet. Hopefully by end of year.

A live CD for "3rd Stone". From which period will be the tracks on it? When Bark Psychosis were 4 or only 2?
Hopefully stuff from each period, although I'll probably weight it towards the later stuff.

Who are the other vocalists on "DustSucker"?
Anja Buechele & Rachel Dreyer.

Who played the bass?
Myself and David Panos.

Will be "DustSucker" a concept album?
Only if you want it to be!

How many tracks will be on the album? Maybe another long soundscape as "Scum"?
About 10 tracks. Nothing as long as "Scum". Trying to be concise.

In 1993, when the working title was "No Fear", I asked Daniel about what will be the forthcoming album "Hex"? Daniel said that about "unconscious experience" and you - "the dreams of man, existence, disgust, fate of the earth". About what will be "DustSucker"?
Personal as political. Addiction, longing, the usual motley crew.

When you firstly met Lee Harris of Talk Talk?
Far too long a story to go into here (and even if I told you, you wouldn't believe me!). It involved a con-artist, porn-making businessmen, peanuts in the back of a Rolls Royce, drugged coffee, and lock-ins at the Magpie & Stump!

You have played on 'O'rang album? How it happens?
I was asked to contribute to the 'O'rang stuff by Lee. It was really fun.

What Lee Harris is doing at present?
I think he's working up the next 'O'rang release at the mo.

What are you doing now? Still as Boymerang?
See above. Also doing quite a bit of engineering/production at my studio. Recently worked with Anjali, Coldharbourstores, Mean Streaks, $urplu$, Snakes. Just friends basically.

First hearing for me. What kind of music?
They're all completely different musically, just good people.

How many albums you have recorded solo?
Two. However I always like to have different people coming down to play parts and stuff, so its not strictly "solo". I guess the Boymerang stuff was the most one-man-army in attitude, but even then there was bits of trumpet/drumming etc.

I have never heard Boymerang. How can you describe, what kind of music you are performing?
Hardcore breakbeat. Pretty technical. Club music that could live beyond those boundaries. It was fun.

Are you involved in any other band or project?
I'm continually asked to engineer/produce. Plus I also seem to do a lot of live sound at the mo.

Which musical style, direction, composer, band is important for you now?
My relationships with the friends around me are what matters most. Plus keeping an open mind and trusting/following your gut instincts. Thats what keeps me going - I don't know where its going to lead me next.

Where you are getting inspiration for composing?
Don't really believe in inspiration per se. The more you do it the more ideas flow - get workmanlike about it! I approach every project I do as though it's going to be the last thing I do, which means that I put everything I can of myself into them, plus I feel real drained when they're completed - like making music is the last thing I want to do!

Have you a dream? Maybe all your dreams are into your music?
Hehe. Who can say?

Bark Psychosis     3rd Stone     Cheree

July 11th, 12th, 15th, 17th, 18th, 2001.

Javier  of «Industria Masoquista»

Your date of birth?
I was born on August 25, 1978.

Latacunga, Ecuador.

Your early influences in music?
My music is based in artists of classical music like: Beethoven, Mozart, Giuseppe Verdi, Schubert, Tchaikovski, Vivaldi and others. But, in other times I listened to music of artists like: Death, Obituary, Suffocation, Gut, Sepultura, Black Sabbat, Deicide, Nuclear Assault, Megadeth, Massacre, Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, S.O.D., Napalm Death, Gehena, Nuclear Death and others.

Which instrument you are playing?
I manufacture my instruments by hand for release my recordings. I could not give you to know the instrument more utilized by my since me I change constantly of methods for to play my music.

Favourite artists?
Well, I like a lot to listen Japanese noise artists as Merzbow, Pain Jerk, Massona, Govt. Alpha, Outermost, Incapacitants, Facialmess, Gasolineman, Guilty Conector, and a lot more. European noise artists like Use Your Pain, Karmakumulator, Expose Your Eyes, Stabat Mors, Con-Dom, The End, White House, Grunt, Lasse Marhaug, Telepherique, Kapotte Muziek and others that I don't remember. American noise artists as Richard Ramirez, Strict, Macronympha, Taint, Knurl, Hermit, Bob Marinelli, Bastard Noise, The Haters, Prurient, Cock ESP, Bete Noire and others. I like to find a different concept on each artist. I don't like to listen monotones artists based in old concepts.

Which are your favourite albums you like to listen again and again?
Why? Really I don't have preference for a solo type of work within my musical style. I am you sincere in the following: For me is important analyze again and again to each artist in their several albums with the objective of interpreting their concepts.

Please name 10 or more the best bands of the century?
Well I will name you to five projects within the industrial culture that I have considered them the best and to five bands within other styles that I also consider them good:

- Kraftwerk
- Einsturzende Neubauten
- White House
- Merzbow
- Pain Jerk

Other styles
- Death
- Napalm Death
- Chaos UK
- 7 Minutes of Nausea
- Anal Cunt

How you think, which are the most innovative bands now?
I think that each artist should create their own musical image, exploring new directions with the objective of giving a new atmosphere to the music.

Which is the most influential band in your country now?
Personally I am disconnected of the musical scene of my country for the following reason: I am working with my project in order to expose my music in another type of cultures where really they have a clear knowledge of it. Because the people of this country don't accept a similar style to this, due to their mental weakness and to their idiots concepts radicals that have been created.

Maybe you know bands in your region which are very innovative and original but are not well known?
On this country the people likes to play some music. A lot of bands play music for amusing between them. But, I am not interested on it by the instant.

Are you involved in any other band, project?
My two only and own projects are: Industria Masoquista harsh noise and Arcada Social crust hard core. On Arcada Social I play the guitar, drums and voice.

Which musical style, direction, composer, band is important for you at present?
I consider important to the artist that explore their music being based on the more profound of their psychological life. This means for my create a new art, take a new musical concept in order to don't copy the ideas of the rest.

Industria Masoquista

July 11th, 2001.

Jon Attwood  of «Yellow6»

Your date of birth?
13 august, 1963.

leicester, england.

Your early influences in music?
t-rex, bowie (aladdin sane), sparks, sex pistols and 77 punk.

Which instrument you are playing? Why you chose this?
guitar... it was the punk thing - learn 3 chords and form a band so i did...

Which guitar players you like to listen while you are in Yellow6?
i'm not really too much into particular musicians but admire a small number of guitarists including Charles Wyatt (charles atlas), Graham Sutton (bark psychosis), Marco Pirroni (adam and the ants), Brad Laner (medicine), Daniel Ash (bauhaus)... may seem a strange selection!

Which are your favourite albums you like to listen again and again? Why?
all velvet underground stuff - never tire of it and there's something for every mood
joy division - "unknown pleasures" - a big favourite when it came out and i still love it
bark psychosis - "hex" - a huge influence on what i do in yellow6
god machine - "one last laugh in a place of dying" - a sad end to a great band
sophia - "fixed water" - gorgeous and suitable for low moments
low - "secret name" - my favourite low album with such gorgeous melodies
nick drake - all his stuff - a genius guitarist
otis redding - "complete" - the man had so much soul
arvo pärt - "alina"
adam and the ants - "dirk wears white sox" - one of the lasting classics of punk

Please name 10 bands of the century?
which century? not sure i could name 10 of this but the last one...
sex pistols
new york dolls
velvet underground
bark psychosis
joy division
nick drake
talk talk
stooges (chosen for their overall influence on music in general but mainly on me).

How you think, which are the most innovative bands now? Why you are thinking so?
rothko - a new approach and so good at it
tortoise - constantly changing.

Have you heard the latest album "Standarts" by Tortoise which seems to me some steps back from "TNT" to unemotional electronic jazz-rock with some hearded tunes? I like this CD for about 40%.
i only bought it last week so i've heard it twice thru - initial impression is that it's 'easier' than "TNT" but doesn't compare at all to their earlier stuff (my own favourites being "tortoise" and "the remixes").

Which is the most influential band in your country now?
probably mogwai or boards of canada?

Some people have a point of view that the cult bands are Mogwai, Sigur Rós, GYBE!. Why not Rothko or Bark Psychosis?
much as i love gybe!, sigur rós and 'some' mogwai i think rothko are far more innovative and interesting and there is nothing to compare with the genius of bark psychosis - highly underrated in my opinion.

Maybe you know bands in your region which are very innovative and original but are not well known?
magnétophone - twin keyboards and load with it
sierpinski - unreleased band from leeds, uk.

Sierpinski. Have they any records released? What the style?
they are similar to hood/bark psychosis with a line up of drums, double bass, guitar, keyboards, samples - nothing released yet but a single later this year on "jonathon whiskey".

Are you involved in any other band, project?
portal (guest guitarist), forthcoming projects with Pascal Asselin (glider/below the sea) and Scott Sinfield (portal)

"The Loss Of Our Winter" by Below The Sea (Quebec, Canada) and "Tristesse" by Portal will be out on "Alice In Wonder", the french label in Dijon. Please tell about these records.
i have both of these records and really like them - i'm obviously close to the portal cd as i mastered it and play guitar with them live and know Scott well.

Where you have recorded with Canadian Pascal Asselin? Or he is French?
Pascal and i are collaborating by post (he is canadian) - he has sent me some drum tracks which i am going to make loops from and add guitars...

At your website I read that "since 1994, yellow6 has recorded over 200 songs - with an average length of 5 minutes, this totals 16.67 hours (most of them are longer than 5 minutes.)." How it is possible? You have your own studio or you are making live recordings?
i have a home studio (PC/cubase) but also tend to work quickly! most of my work is part improvised and manipulated on the computer.

Have you done a BBC sessions or a session for De Avonden/VPRO radio?
no to both.

The Music Fellowship will release 3 EPs by Rothko, Yellow6 and Landing on one split album. Have you ever played with Landing from the USA?
yellow6 have only done 7 gigs in 2 years, all in the uk - i haven't played with either landing or rothko... Mark Beazley from rothko has remixed a yellow6 track which should appear on a remix cd on "endorphin" later this year (also including mixes by portal, bauri, phobos3, amp, tristeza, lackluster, galena and others).

How many tracks will be on this (EP) album?
the cd is split to give 20-25 minutes for each artist - my section is 5 tracks which are made to flow as one continuous piece or also separately.

Which musical style, direction, composer, band is important for you at present?
steve reich - just discovered his work
arvo pärt
susmo yokota

Atomic Recordings     Ochre     Bearos     Awkward Silence
Jonathon Whiskey     Alice In Wonder     Music Fellowship

July 19th, 21st, 2001.

Juha "Kare" Karhu  of «Mother Goose»

Date of birth?

Helsinki, Finland.

Your early influences in music?
Neil Young, Can, Joy Division, Lee Scratch Perry, Sonic Youth, Bob Marley, punk, progressive stuff like Jethro Tull and Van Der Graaf Generator.

Which instrument you are playing? Why you chose this?
I play drums. It's enough primitive for me.

Which are your favourite albums you like to listen again and again? Why?
Neil Youngs album "Rust Never Sleep". Great songs, it started the new era in my life. Lotsa good feelings.

Please name 10 best bands of the century?
Sonic Youth
Crazy Horse
Velvet Underground
Bob Marley & the Wailers
Sielun Veljet
Flaming Lips

Are 22-Pistepirkko and Sielun Veljet from Finland?
22.Pistepirkko is quite old finnish band. They have released several great albums and toured around the Europe many years now. Very unique own style. Hard to describe; think garage, country, now vawe, great melodies, lotsa feedbacks.... Sielun Veljet was very shamanistic band from Finland in the eighties and early nineties. They played hardest gigs I've ever seen. They also toured in Europe under the name L'Murder.

Which are the most innovative bands now?
I don't really know what's happening in the scene. Echo is Your Love from Finland are great, they have unique sound. I also like Opel Bastards and Moon Babies.

Maybe you know bands in your region which are very innovative and original but are not well known?
Like I said: Echo is Your Love, Opel Bastards, Chain Smoker, Kiila, Platypus, Office Building etc... so many great bands from Finland.

I know that Echo Is Your Love and Kiila is from Post-Rock movement. Are Opel Bastards, Chain Smoker, Platypus and Office Building also from this or no? What is their musical direction?
Opel Bastards is more electronica than post rock, very interesting band. Chain Smoker and Platypus are very unique bands also. Office Building is not so noisy, playing mostly 'ballads', I like them very much.

Have you played with Mother Goose outside of Finland?
Nowadays we have a label in UK (Seriously Groovy Music Ltd.), so we are touring there twice a year. We have played in London, Brixton, Brighton, Cambridge, Guildford... We have also played in Stockholm and Berlin.

Maybe Mother Goose have recorded sessions for De Avonden/VPRO or BBC?
No, not yet.

Are you involved in any other band, project?
Yes. I play in The Protestants.

The Protestants. What kind of music you are playing here? Have this band a website and record releases?
Our music is more ordinary rock. I can send you some promos if you like. Yeah, there is a lousy updated websiite: The Protestants.

How you can describe - what is Post-Rock?
Huh, hard to say. Is there any common between Calexico, Kante, Sigur Rós or Tortoise? Experimental view to rock music... I dunno, just a word. We all need categories, don't we?

Which musical style, direction, composer, band is important for you at present?
I'd like to understand more improvised music, I don't have much time to listen new music nowadays.

Are Mother Goose improvising?
We are improvising lots in our rehearsals, not so much on the stage. Most of our songwriting is first improvisation, then they start to turn to 'ordinary' songs. I know that we should do more improvisation on the stage also, maybe we are little bity scared to do that, I dunno.

Mother Goose     Igor Records     M&E     Seriously Groovy

July 19th, 21st, 2001.

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