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Ambient-psychedelic, anti-rock, art-pop, avant-pop, avant-rock, blood music, dream-pop, drone-jazz, drone-rock, experimental-rock, math-rock, minimal-prog, modern krautrock, mope-rock, neo-krautrock, neo-spaceout, new ambient, new avant-rock, new kraut, new psychedelica, noise-rock, oceanic rock, out-rock, post-grunge, post-modern, post-rock, pre-rock, progressive-ambient, space rock, stratmospheric, uneasy ambient noise...

     "...What to call this zone? Some of its occupants, Seefeel for instance, could be dubbed 'Ambient'; others, Bark Psychosis and Papa Sprain, could be called 'art rock'. 'Avant rock' would just about suffice, but is too suggestive of jerky time signatures and a dearth of melodic loveliness, which isn't necessarily the case. Perhaps the only term open ended yet precise enough to cover all this activity is 'post-rock'.
     Post-rock means using rock instrumentation for non-rock purposes, using guitars as facilitators of timbres and textures rather than riffs and powerchords. Increasingly, post-rock groups are augmenting the traditional guitar/bass/drums line up with computer technology: the sampler, the sequencer and MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface). While some post-rock units (Pram, Stereolab) prefer lo-fi or outmoded technology, others are evolving into cyber rock, becoming virtual.
     Post-rock draws its inspiration and impetus from a complex combination of sources. Some of these come from post-rock's own tradition - a series of moments in history when eggheads and bohemians have hijacked elements of rock for non-rock purposes (think of the guitar based late 60s music of The Velvet Underground and Pink Floyd, and a subsequent lineage that includes New York's No Wave groups, Joy Division, The Cocteau Twins, The Jesus And Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine and AR Kane; or the so-called 'Krautrock' of Can, Faust, Neu, Cluster and Ash Ra Tempel; as well as the late 70s/early 80s post-punk vanguard of PiL, 23 Skidoo, Cabaret Voltaire and The Pop Group). Other impulses arrive from outside of rock: Eno, obviously, but also the mid-60s drone-minimalism of Terry Riley and LaMonte Young, as well as musique concrete and electroacoustic music, dub reggae and modern sampladelic genres like HipHop and Techno. Most of the British post-rock groups also explicitly define themselves against Grunge, which was Carducci's dream come true: the fusion of punk and Metal into an all-American nouveau hard rock."

[Simon Reynolds, Today's more adventurous rock groups are embracing technology and the avant garde to forge a new genre: post-rock., "The Wire", Issue 123, May 1994.]
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All Tomorrows Parties festival     Rhâââ Lovely Festival (Belgium, Cortil-Wodon)

2nd. rec (Germany, Berlin/Hamburg)
3rd Stone (UK, Corby)
5 Rue Christine (USA, Olympia, WA)
54°40' Or Fight! (USA, Acme, Michigan)
482 Music
555 Recordings (UK, Leeds)
555 Recordings (UK, Leeds)
8088 (USA, Carrboro, NC)

Abridged (USA, Houston, TX)
Acid Fake Recordings
Acuarela Discos (Spain, Madrid)
Acuarela Discos (Spain, Madrid)
Aesthetics (USA, Chicago, IL)
Alice In Wonder (France, Dijon)
Alien8 Recordings (Canada, Montréal, Québec)
Angelika Kölhermann
Animal World Recordings
Ankst Music (UK, Wales, Pentraeth)
Apestaartje (USA, Brooklyn, NY)
Arbouse Recordings (France, Montrozier)
Arena Rock Recordings (USA, Brooklyn)
Arghh! (France, Aquitaine)
Asphalt Duchess (France, Paris)
Astro Discos (Spain)
Atavistic (USA, Chicago, IL)
Aquarius (USA, San Francisco, CA)
ATP Recordings (England)
AudioInformationPhenomena (USA, San Mateo, CA)
Awkward Silence Recordings (England, Kent, Staplehurst)

Ba Da Bing! (USA)
Ba Da Bing! (USA)
Badman Recording Co (USA, San Francisco, CA)
Bad Taste/Smekkleysa (Iceland, Reykjavik)
Bad Vugum (Finland)
Bad Vugum (Finland)
Bearos (UK, Birmingham)
Beau Rivage (Germany)
Becalmed (UK, Crewe)
Beggars Banquet (UK)
Bella Union (UK, Middlesex)
Beta-Lactam Ring (USA, Portland, OR)
Beta-Lactam Ring (USA, Portland, OR)
Better Looking (USA, Los Angeles, CA)
Beyonder (USA, Detroit, MI)
Big Top (USA, Cambridge, MA)
Boa Music (Spain, Madrid)
Boxcar (USA, Melbourne, FL, Gainesville, FL)
Brassland (USA, New York, NY)
Bubble Core (USA, NY, NY)
Burning Shed (UK)
Burnt Hair (USA, Dearborn, MI)

Camera Obscura (Australia, Burnley, VIC)
Cargo (UK)
Cavity (USA, Toledo, OH)
Cellar (Canada, Montréal, Québec)
Cenotaph Audio (USA, Pittsburgh, PA)
Chemikal Underground (UK, Scotland)
Cheree (UK, London)
Chunky (England, Willenhall)
Cirrus Oxide (USA)
City-Centre-Offices (Germany, Berlin)
City Slang (Germany/USA)
Clairecords (USA, Florida)
Colorful Clouds For Acoustics (USA, Clifton Heights, PA)
Constellation (Canada, Montréal, Québec)
Cooking Vinyl
Corpus Hermeticum (New Zealand, Lyttelton)
Crank! (USA, Santa Monica, CA)
Crouton Music (USA, Milwaukee, WI)
Cuneiform (USA, Silver Spring, MD)

Darla (USA, San Francisco, CA)
Dbut (Norway, Oslo)
Deep Elm (USA, Carlotte, NC)
De Soto (USA)
Disasters By Choice (Italy, Roma-Appio)
Dischord (USA, Washington, DC)
Discobolus (USA, Questa, NM)
Dissenso (Brazil, São Paulo)
Dissenso (Brazil, São Paulo)
Divot (USA, Chicago, IL)
Domino (UK, London)
Drag City (USA, Chicago, IL)
Dreamland Rcordings (Australia, Keilor, VICTORIA)
Dreams By Degrees
Drunk Dog (France, Paris)

Earwing (Croatia, Zagreb)
Earworm (UK, London)
Eclipse (USA, Bullhead City, AZ)
Ektro (Finland)
Elefant (Spain, Madrid)
Elsie & Jack Recordings (USA, Grand Rapids, MI)
Endearing (Canada, Winnipeg)
Errol (UK)

Fällt (Northern Ireland, Hillsborough, Co Down)
Family Vineyard (USA, Bloomington, IN)
Fantastic Records USA (USA, Kansas City, MO)
Fat Cat (UK, Brighton)
Fierce Panda (UK)
File 13 (USA, Philadelphia, PA)
Flying Nun (New Zealand)
Foehn (Spain, Barcelona)
Fonal (Finland, Ulvila)
Forced Exposure (USA, Somerville, MA)
Forced Exposure (USA, Somerville, MA)
Foreverbad (Canada, Vancouver)
Forgotten Empire (USA, Charlotte, NC)
Free Dimension (Czech Republic, Tabor)
Frenetic (USA, San Francisco, CA)
fromSCRATCH (Italy, Arezzo)

Gentlemen (Switzerland, Lousanne)
Geographic (Scotland, Glasgow)
Glitterhouse (Germany, Beverungen)
Grace Recordings (Sweden)
Great Vitamin Mystery, The
Green UFOs (Spain, Sevilla)
Grey Flat (USA, Chicago, IL)
Gringo (UK, Clacton on Sea, Essex)

Half A Cow (Australia)
Half Eaten (UK, Birmingham)
Hefty (USA, Chicago, IL)
Hiao Hiao Hiao (USA)
High School Champion (Canada, Toronto, Ontario)
Hinah Records (France)
Hushush (Canada, Montréal, Québec)

If Society (Finland)

Jade Tree (USA, Wilmington, DE)
Jagjaguwar (USA, Bloomington, IN)
Jonathon Whiskey (UK, Leeds)
Jonson Family (UK, London)

K (USA, Olympia, WA)
Kimchee (USA, Ipswich, MA)
Kitchen Motors (Iceland, Reykjavik)
Kitty Kitty Corp. (UK, London)
Kitty-Yo (Germany)
Kolorform (USA, Seattle, WA)
Komplott (Sweden)
Konkurrent (The Netherlands, Amsterdam)
(K-RAA-K)3 (Belgium)
Kranky (USA, Chicago, IL)

LiLieL Copgn Trust
Little Jig (Switzerland, Gisikon)
Locust Music (USA, Chicago, IL)
Loose Thread Recordings (USA, Chicago, IL)
Lost Children (UK)
Lost Children (UK)
Lost Dog Recordings (UK, Scotland, Glasgow)
Love Boat (Italy, Pinerolo (Torino))
Lovitt (USA, Arlington, VA)
Lykill (Finland)

Magic Bullet (USA, Fredericksburg, VA)
Make Mine Music (UK, Oxford, Oxon)
Make Mine Music (UK, Oxford, Oxon)
Matador (USA, New York, NY)
Matamore Recordings (Belgium, Chaudfontaine)
Mathbat (USA, Chicago, IL)
Medium Productions (UK)
Megalon (USA, San Francisco, CA)
Melodic (UK)
Merge (USA, Chapel Hill, NC)
Midheaven Mailorder (USA, San Franciso, CA)
Midium (New Zealand, Kingsland, Auckland)
Misplaced Music (UK, Leeds, Burley)
Misplaced Music (UK, Leeds, Burley)
Monitor (USA)
Morc Records (The Netherlands, Hilversum)
Morr Music (Germany, Berlin)
Mother West (USA)
Multiness Records (Japan)
Music Fellowship (USA, New Haven, CT)
Mute (UK, London)
Muze (The Netherlands)
My Pal God (USA, Princeton, NJ)

Namskeîo (Switzerland, Lausanne)
Neurot Recordings (USA, San Francisco, CA)
Nexsound (Ukraine, Kharkov)
Noise Museum (France, Dijon)
No Quarter (USA, Philadelphia, PA)
Norman (UK, Leeds)
North East Indie (USA, Portland, ME)

Ochre (UK, Cheltenham)
Ohio Gold (USA, Chicago, IL)
Ohio Gold (USA, Chicago, IL)
Omnibus (USA, Sacramento, CA)
Opal Music (UK, Carlisle)
Outer Sound
Ouzel (Italy)
Over (England)
Own Records (Luxemburg)
Own Records (Luxemburg)

Pacifico (USA, Seattle, WA)
Parasol (USA)
Pehr Label, The (USA, Los Angeles, CA)
Pelicanneck (UK, Manchester)
Perishable (USA, Chicago, IL)
Pickin Mushroom
Pickled Egg (England, Leicester)
Piehead Records
Planeta X (Argentina, Rosario)
Poeta Negra (Greece)
Polyvinyl (USA, Champaign, IL)
Pop art (Greece, Athens)
Post Everything
Prohibited (France, Paris)
Profundus (Macedonia)
Proshop Recordings, The (USA, Chicago, IL)
Public Eyesore (USA, Omaha, NE)

Quarterstick (USA, Chicago, IL)

Racing Junior (Norway, Bergen)
Rapanelli (Serbia, Beograd)
Raster-Noton (Germany, Chemnitz)
Redwood (USA, Fullerton, CA)
Resonant (England, Willenhall)
Road Cone (USA)
Rock Action Records (Scotland, Glasgow)
Rocket Racer (USA)
Rocket Racer (USA)
Rocket Girl (UK, London)
Roisin (UK, Swindon)
Rosewood Union, The
Runt (USA, San Francisco, CA)

Sandwich (Spain, Murcia)
See-through (Italy, Musadino Portovaltravaglia (UA))
Secret Eye (USA)
Secretly Canadian (USA, Bloomington, IN)
Secretly Canadian (USA, Bloomington, IN)
Semi-Roar (Japan, Tokyo)
Seriously Groovy Music (UK, London)
Setanta (UK, London)
Shifty Disco (UK, Oxford)
Sign Language Record, The (USA, Puyallup, WA)
Siladi (USA)
Silber (USA, Raleigh, NC)
Siltbreeze (USA, Philadelphia, PA)
Simball (USA, Pasadena, CA)
Simple Machines
Sinewave (Brazil, São Paulo)
Sinewave (Brazil, São Paulo)
Skin Graft (USA, Chicago, IL)
Slow Coloured (Spain)
Slowdance (USA, Portland, OR)
Slowdime (USA, Washington, DC)
Slumberland (USA, Berkeley, CA)
Bad Taste/Smekkleysa (Iceland, Reykjavik)
Sonic Unyon
Sonig (Germany, Cologne)
Sonore (France, Talence Cedex)
Southern (USA, Chicago, IL)
Sound Devastation (UK, Dunkirk, Nottingham)
Sound in Silence (Greece, Athens)
Space Age Recordings (UK, Corby)
spinART Records (USA, New York, NY)
Spunk! (Australia, Cronulla, NSW)
Squealer Music (USA, Boston, MA)
Staalplaat (The Netherlands, Amsterdam)
Static Caravan (UK, Dorridge)
Static Caravan (UK, Dorridge)
Steady Cam (Australia, Westmead, NSW)
Stormy (USA, Dearborn, MI)
Strange Attractors (USA, Olympia, WA)
Sub Rosa (Belgium, Brussels)
Suction (Canada, Toronto)
Suicide Squeeze (USA, Seattle, WA)
Suilven Recordings (Scotland, Edinburgh)
Sunseasky Productions (USA, Oshkosh, WI and Milwaukee, WI)
Surefire Distribution (USA)
Swim (UK)

Taang! (USA, San Diego, CA)
Table Of The Elements
Tariff (USA, Rialto, CA)
TeleRan (Hong Kong)
Temporary Residence (USA, Baltimore, MD)
Tenor Vossa (England, London
Terra (shop)(Poland)
Text (UK)
Thalassa (USA, Royal Oak, MI)
This Quiet Army (Canada, Montréal, Québec)
This Quiet Army (Canada, Montréal, Québec)
Three Lobed Recordings
Thrill Jockey (USA, Chicago, IL)
Thulemusik (Iceland)
Tiger Style (USA, New York, NY)
Tinfoil Recordings now Jitter (UK, Oxford)
Tomlab (Germany)
Tomlab (Germany)
Too Pure (UK)
Touch & Go (USA, Chicago, IL)
Tract (USA, Connersville, IN)
Trance Syndicate (USA, Austin, TX)
Trente Oiseaux (Germany, Koblenz)
Tricycle Evolutif (Switzerland, Lausanne)
Troubleman Unlimited (USA, Bayonne, NJ)
Truck (England, Oxford)
Truckstop Records (USA, Chicago, IL)
Tugboatrecords (UK, London)
tUMULt Laboratories (USA, San Francisco, CA)
Turn (USA)
Twisted Nerve (UK, Manchester)

The Great Vitamin Mystery
The Knitting Factory (USA, New York, NY)
The Mylene Sheath (USA, Covington, KY)
The Pehr Label (USA, Los Angeles, CA)
The Proshop Recordings (USA, Chicago, IL)
The Rosewood Union
The Sign Language Record (USA, Puyallup, WA)

Un Dimanche (France, Grenoble)
Unique (France, Toulouse)
Unit Circle (USA, Seattle, WA)

Vague Terrain (USA, San Francisco, CA)
Velvet Blue Music (USA)
VHF (USA, Fairfax Station, VA)

Warp (UK)
Weather (Japan)
Where Are My Records (Canada, Montréal, Québec)
Western Vinyl (USA, Bedford, TX)
Whole Enchilada (USA)
Win (USA)
Wishing Tree
Words On Music (USA, Minneapolis, MN)

Yoyo Recordings (USA, Olympia, Washington)
Young God (USA)

Zabel Muziek (The Netherlands)
Zahr (Italy, Cagliari)
Zealrecords (Belgium)
Zenflesh (USA)
Zerga (Finland)
Zerobros (Belgium)
Zulu (Canada, Vancouver)
Zum (USA, San Francisco, CA)

A Review of Music (Piero Scaruffi)
Almost Cool
Aural Innovations
Autres Directions (France, Nantes)
Breakthrough in Grey Room Radio show Mondays 9pm-Midnight CST
Chicago Now (USA, Chicago, IL)
Copper Press (USA, Acme, MI)
Drawer B
Drowned In Sound (UK, London)
Dusted Magazine (Canada, Montpelier VT)
Earpollution (USA, Seattle, WA)
emoRAGEi Magazine (Canada, Montréal, Québec)
Envy 13 (USA, Newburyport, MA)
Experimental Music Chronicled Hertz-Lion Yield
Fanzines on Insound
Geiger (Denmark)
Gravity Girl
Hayfever (Germany, Hamburg/Bremen)
John Peel on BBC WS
John Peel's Festive 50's
John Peel BBC-1 (29.08.1939-26.10.2004)
John Peel BBC-1: tracklistings
BBC 3 "Mixing it" radio/video show
Late Junction/BBC 3 Monday - Thursday 22:15-00:00 by Fiona Talkington and Verity Sharp
Freak Zone/BBC 6 by Stuart Maconie Sunday 17:00-20:00
Heute:Pop:Morgen/Tide 96.0FM (Hamburg, Germany) Friday 2pm
Spinning On Air/WNYC by David Garland
John Whitney (USA, Boston)
KindaMuzik (The Netherlands)
Losing Today (Italy, Roma)
Luna Kafe (Germany)
Math rock on Epitonic
Musicworks Magazine (Canada, Toronto)
Musique Machine
Pitchforkmedia. com (USA)
Planet Caire Aligre FM 93.1 radio show
Pretty Bruises (USA, Minneapolis, MN)
Resonance Magazine
Selector, The
Simon Reynolds (UK)
Sound Collector (USA)
SwingSet (USA, New York, NY)
The Broken Face (Sweden) Zine + CD
The Drowned in Sound (UK, London)
The Wire (UK, London)
The Wire: back-articles

VPRO radio (The Netherlands)

De Avonden/Night Train (The Netherlands) Radio shows by Berry Kamer
Dwars by Berry Kamer: new show
Dwars by Berry Kamer: archive
Motel Mozaique: live recordings

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