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Best albums, bands / solo artists of 2007

Porcupine Tree promo photo

B e s t   b a n d s / s o l o   a r t i s t s (420)
  1. Porcupine Tree (UK) (88)
  2. Battles (USA) (78)
  3. Explosions In The Sky (USA) (47)
  4. Radiohead (UK) (46)
  5. Caspian (USA) (45)
  6. Stars Of The Lid (USA) (43)
  7. Ulver (Norway) (41)
  8. WITT (USA) (40)
  9. Upsilon Acrux (USA) (39)
  10. Do Make Say Think (Canada) (38)
  11. Sleepytime Gorilla Museum (USA) (36)
  12. Dream Theater (USA) (34)
  13. Anekdoten (Sweden) (33)
    Blackfield (UK/Israel) (33)
    Sigur Rós (Iceland) (33)
  14. Fred Frith; Fred Frith/Evelyn Glennie (USA/Scotland) (30)
    Mono (Japan) (30)
    Nels Cline/Nels Cline Singers (USA) (30)
  15. Oceansize (UK) (27)
  16. Sleeping People (USA) (26)
    Van Der Graaf Generator (UK) (26)
  17. Far Corner (USA) (24)
    Grayceon (USA) (24)
  18. Björk (Iceland) (23)
    Robert Fripp (UK) (23)
  19. Genesis (UK) (22)
    Opeth (Sweden) (22)
    The Mars Volta (USA) (22)
  20. Big Big Train (UK) (21)
    Devin Townsend (Canada) (21)
    Grails (USA) (21)
    Rush (Canada) (21)
    Secret Chiefs 3 (USA) (21)
    Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band (Canada) (21)
  21. Animal Collective (USA) (20)
    Grinderman (Australia) (20)
    King Crimson (UK/USA) (20)
  22. Between The Buried And Me (USA) (19)
    Panda Bear (USA) (19)
  23. 65daysofstatic (UK) (18)
    The Flying Luttenbachers (USA) (18)
    The Watch (Italy) (18)
    Tori Amos (USA) (18)
  24. Low (USA) (17)
    Marnie Stern (USA) (17)
    This Will Destroy You (USA) (17)
  25. Burial (UK) (16)
    Sir Richard Bishop (USA) (16)
    The Locust (USA) (16)
  26. !!! (USA) (15)
    Beirut (Virgin Islands, U.S.) (15)
    Beware Of Safety (USA) (15)
    Dillinger Escape Plan (USA) (15)
    Fish (UK, Scotland) (15)
    John Zorn/John Zorn's Masada (USA) (15)
    The Pirate Ship Quintet (UK) (15)
  27. Band Of Horses (USA) (14)
    Murcof (Mexico) (14)
    Neurosis (USA) (14)
    Six Parts Seven (USA) (14)
  28. Galahad UK) (13)
    The Field (Sweden) (13)
    Zs (USA) (13)
  29. Dengue Fever (USA) (12)
    Einstürzende Neubauten (Germany) (12)
    Inca Ore/Inca Ore & Lemon Bear (USA) (12)
    Symphony X (USA) (12)
  30. Ahleuchatistas (USA) (11)
    Jesu (UK) (11)
    Wooden Shjips (USA) (11)
The Green Dolphin's Poll Nr 16. "Best bands/solo artists of 2007"

Porcupine Tree: Fear Of A Blank Planet

Explosions In The Sky: All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone

Battles: Mirrored

B e s t   a l b u m s (392)
  1. Porcupine Tree "Fear Of A Blank Planet" (Roadrunner/Atlantic) (87)
  2. Explosions In The Sky "All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone" (Temporary Residence/Bella Union) (72)
  3. Battles "Mirrored" (Warp) (57)
  4. Radiohead "In Rainbows" (self) (45)
  5. Do Make Say Think "You, You’re A History In Rust" (Constellation) (41)
    Stars Of The Lid "And Their Refinement Of The Decline" (Kranky) (41)
  6. Sleepytime Gorilla Museum "In Glorious Times" (The End/Mals) (36)
  7. Dream Theater "Systematic Chaos" (Roadrunner) (35)
    Ulver "Shadows Of The Sun" (Jester) (35)
  8. Caspian "The Four Trees" (Dopamine) (34)
  9. Anekdoten "A Time Of Day" (Anekdoten/Virta/Raft) (33)
  10. Oceansize "Frames" (Superball Music) (30)
  11. Upsilon Acrux "Galapagos Momentum" (Cuneiform) (29)
  12. Sigur Rós "hvarf-heim" (Krunk) (27)
  13. 65daysofstatic "The Destruction Of Small Ideas" (Monotreme/Zankyo) (26)
  14. Blackfield "Blackfield II" (Snapper Music) (25)
    Robert Fripp "At The End Of Times" (Discipline Global Mobile) (25)
  15. Animal Collective "Strawberry Jam" (Domino) (24)
    Devin Townsend "Ziltoid The Omniscient" (Hevydevy/InsideOut Music) (24)
    Grayceon "Grayceon" (Vendlus) (24)
  16. Beware Of Safety "It Is Curtains" (self) EP (23)
  17. Big Big Train "The Difference Machine" (English Electric Recordings/Mals) (22)
    Björk "Volta" (One Little Indian/Universal Music/Atlantic/Polydor) (22)
    Burial "Untrue" (Hyperdub) (22)
    The Nels Cline Singers "Drawn Breath" (Cryptogramophone) (22)
  18. Grinderman "Grinderman" (ANTI-/Mute) (20)
    Rush "Snakes & Arrows" (Atlantic) (20)
  19. Panda Bear "Person Pitch" (Paw Tracks) (19)
    Pinback "Autumn of the Seraphs" (Touch & Go) (19)
    Robert Wyatt "Comicopera" (Domino) (19)
    The Flying Luttenbachers "Incarceration By Abstraction" (UgExplode) (19)
    Tori Amos "American Doll Posse" (Sony/Epic) (19)
    Vic Chessnut "North Star Deserter" (Constellation) (19)
  20. Beirut "The Flying Club Cup" (4AD) (18)
    Dillinger Escape Plan "Ire Works" (Relapse) (18)
    Low "Drums & Guns" (SubPop) (18)
    Rhys Chatham "The Crimson Grail" (Table Of The Elements) (18)
  21. Jesu "Conquerer" (Hydra Head/Sonic Unyon) (17)
    Johnnytwentythree "JXXIII" (self) (17)
    Six Organs Of Admittance "Shelter From The Ash" (Drag City) (17)
    The Pirate Ship Quintet "The Pirate Ship Quintet" (Sound Devastation) EP (17)
  22. Grails "Burning Off Impurities" (Temporary Residence Limited) (16)
    Sleeping People "Growing" (Temporary Residence Limited) (16)
    Tomahawk "Anonymous" (Ipecac Recordings) (16)
  23. Between The Buried And Me "Colors" (Victory) (15)
    Neurosis "Given To The Rising" (Neurot Recordings) (15)
  24. Einstürzende Neubauten "Alles Wieder Offen" (Potomak) (14)
    Marnie Stern "In Advance of the Broken Arm" (Kill Rock Stars) (14)
  25. Murcof "Cosmos" (Leaf) (13)
    Port Royal "Afraid To Dance" (Resonant) (13)
  26. Gavin Harrison & 05Ric "Drop" (Squatter Madras) (12)
    Jordan Rudess "The Road Home" (Magna Carta) (12)
    Six Parts Seven "Casually Smashed To Pieces" (Suicide Squeeze) (12)
    The Lickets "Journey In Caldecott" (International Corporation) (12)
    Thurston Moore "Trees Outside the Academy" (Ecstatic Peace) (12)
  27. James Blackshaw "The Cloud of Unknowing" (Tompkin Square) (11)
    Maserati "Inventions For The New Season" (Temporary Residence Limited) (11)
    Shellac "Excellent Italian Greyhound" (Touch & Go) (11)
    Yeasayer "All Hour Cymbals" (We Are Free) (11)
The Green Dolphin's Poll Nr 16. "Best albums of 2007"

All personal votes by 64 participants:

T h e  P a r t i c i p a n t s (64)

(Are from 25 countries: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, England, France, Greece, Greenland, Italy, Latvia, Mexico,Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Scotland, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, The Netherlands, Ukraine, USA, Wales)

  1. Toms Ceļmillers (Latvia, Musician: Toms Londons)    Toms Londons
  2. Andy French (USA, Critic, Writer)    Raven Sings The Blues
  3. Harry de Vries (The Netherlands, Critic)    ProgLog AFTERglow
  4. Weasel Walter (USA, Musician: The Flying Luttenbachers)    ugEXPLODE
  5. Sean Butze (USA, Critic)
  6. SM (USA, Musician, Producer: ::thinkstandard::)    ::thinkstandard::   ::thinkstandard::
  7. Brian John Mitchell (USA, Musician, Label owner, Zine editor)    Silber Records
  8. Dez Innocent (UK, Scotland, Critic)    Music Musings & Miscellany
  9. Dustin Wall (USA, Musician, Critic, Collector, Radio host)    Dustin's Myspace Page
  10. Jos Interzona (Italy, Collector)    Spiritual Archives
  11. Igor Sidorenko (Ukraine, PA reviewer, Musician: Krobak)    Krobak
  12. Cesar Lanzarini (Brazil, Collector)    Rock Progressivo Brasil
  13. J.R. Williams (USA, Visual artist, Collector)    The Comic Art Collective
  14. Charlie Rauh (USA, Composer/Guitarist: Arclyte, Ghostly Towers, Afton Wolfe)    Charlie Rauh
  15. Stephen V Funk (USA, Musician, Critic, Collector)    Serenade in green
  16. Igor (aka raigor) Gorely (Russia, Record label, Distributor, Radio)    Russian Association of Independent Genres    R.A.I.G    R.A.I.G. music. magazine
  17. Richard Poulin (Canada, Gnosis critic, Collector)    Gnosis
  18. Joseph Stevenson (USA, Radio Personality, Host of The Pit at WYBF-FM)    WYBF-FM
  19. Jozef Moors (Belgium, Record label)    Morningrise records
  20. Mr.Thistle (USA, Critic)    Forest Gospel
  21. Hopewood (UK, England, Band: Hopewood)    Hopewood    Hopewood
  22. Jordan Volz (USA, Owner and Editor-in-Chief of The Silent Ballet)    The Silent Ballet   
  23. Luís Artur (Portugal, Musician: Egyptian Kings)    Egyptian Kings   
  24. Sergio Piccirilli (Argentina, Critic)    El Intruso   
  25. Ansis Markauss (Latvia, Musician: Morpholatria)    Morpholatria   
  26. Hector Diaz (Chile, Collector)
  27. Valentin Carette (France, Musician: YOLK)    YOLK
  28. Paul Lai (USA, Musician: Upsilon Acrux)    Upsilon Acrux
  29. Alan Holmes (UK, Wales, Musician: Ectogram)    Ectogram    Ectogram
  30. Kaneda (UK, England, Band: Kaneda)    Kaneda
  31. Atzi (UK, Scotland, Musician: Lipsync For A Lullaby)    Lipsync For A Lullaby
  32. Sleepmakeswaves (Australia, Band: Sleepmakeswaves)    Sleepmakeswaves    Sleepmakeswaves
  33. inrivers (x, Collector)
  34. Jay (USA, Musician: Heir To Madness)    Heir To Madness
  35. Vukasin Djelic (Serbia, Musician)    Belgrade Noise Society    Belgrade Noise Society
  36. Yuri Chernenok (Latvia, Collector)
  37. nadaesnada (Spain, Collector)
  38. Nive Nielsen (Greenland, North pole, Musician: NIVE)    NIVE
  39. Clay Masters (USA, Collector, Radio producer)    In Search of Spoon River
  40. Yuri Lugovskoy (Ukraine, Musician)    Yuri Lugovskoy
  41. Oscar González (Mexico, Musician)    Un sofista
  42. Chris Mann (England, Artist, Musician: Three Strings OMG)    Christian Mann
  43. Grandpire (USA, Band: Grandpire)    Grandpire    Grandpire
  44. Gary Guru (USA, Record label)    ThirdEyeRecords
  45. Henry Wessman (USA, Musician: WITT)    WITT    Henry Wessman
  46. Jesse Kranzler (USA, Musician: WITT)    WITT
  47. Dima T. Pilot (Russia, Musician: Bosch's With You)    Bosch's With You    Bosch's With You
  48. Terry Short (UK, Musician)    Terry Short
  49. Evan Backer (USA, Musician: WITT)    WITT
  50. Gardrat Nicolas (France, Musician)    Les Mémoires de l'Oeil
  51. Marco Cardellicchio (Italy, Musician)    Guy Fawkes
  52. Michal Hoppe (Poland, Producer, Collector, Musician: No One Wished To Settle Here)    No One Wished To Settle Here    No One Wished To Settle Here
  53. Chris Polley (USA, co-host of epic instrumental radio program)    nowlikephotographs
  54. Wayne J. Tirone (USA, Musician: Moonbloom)    Moonbloom
  55. Janez Golic (Slovenia, Critic)    Rock Hinterland
  56. Frédéric Delage (France, Journalist, Critic, books: "Genesis la boîte à musique" and "Chroniques du rock progressif 1967-1979")    delage_prog
  57. Black Sheep Mountain (France, Musician: Black Sheep Mountain)    Black Sheep Mountain
  58. Jānis Žilde (Latvia, Producer, Collector, Critic: TVNet, Musician: Satellites LV)    Jānis Žilde    Satellites LV    Kuba
  59. Edmunds Pumpurs (Latvia, Collector, Musician)    Turaidas Roze
  60. Nikos Ohbtt (Greece, Musician: one hour before the trip)    one hour before the trip    one hour before the trip
  61. Aigars Cervinskis (Latvia) (Critic, Musician: Holy Lamb)    Holy Lamb        Nokturnal Palace in Latvian
  62. Stian Nordby (Norway, Musician: Yeti Island)    Yeti Island
  63. Sébastien Fillion (France, Musician: Thork)    Sébastien Fillion    Thork    Thork
  64. Toms Circenis (Latvia, Musician: Hospitāļu iela)    Hospitāļu iela

This poll was compiled by Dainis Bushmanis, June 7th, 2008.

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